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3 Strategies for Solid Income Whilst Awaiting a Market Recovery


All bear markets have different causes.  But they have one thing in common: a total and complete recovery – every single timeBefore rebounding to even higher levels.   

You don’t need to wait for a rebound before jumping in.  Right now, my investors and I are earning income of between 5-20% pa with 3 simple strategies – described further below.

It’s not too often that equites have a major sell-off.  US equities are down 28% this year.

For the US market this equates to a major bear market – big bears are rare!  (Global markets, ex-US, are not doing as badly).

The previous bear was sparked by the Covid crisis. Back then equities dropped 22%, bottomed in March 2020, before climbing 70% over the following two years.

At the time, I wrote this to plant seeds about a possible market low.

The major bear market before Covid (the 2008-09 financial crisis) fell by more than 40% and went on to gain 600%+ in 12 years.

Bear markets are a necessity. They are required for the market to renew, evolve, grow and compound for long-term capital gains. It might feel painful during one (if you check your portfolio too often) but every bear market always delivers strong gains afterwards. Every single time.

Including the ups and downs, equities have generated returns of 8-10% per annum, on average, over the long term. Being in the game consistently is better than waiting in cash for the right time to join. Particularly when inflation is running well into double-digit levels.

Should I wait for this market to bottom?
There’s an ancient proverb that goes “he who tries to pick the bottom will get a smelly finger”.  Ok, that’s not an ancient proverb, more a dad-joke in investment circles!

I believe we are a fair way into this bear market already.  But when you can make solid income of 5-20% pa whilst waiting for the bottom, does the timing of a low even matter?  Further below, I describe where I’m investing for that level of income ….


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Analysis Continued:  Earning great income whilst awaiting a rebound …

The truth is, nobody knows the precise date of the lows – certainly not the pros.  In the meantime, one can earn solid income and/or PCA-into the markets.

When you start to pound-cost average (PCA) before the bottom it can actually prove to more effective than waiting to start right at the bottom. That sounds counter-intuitive but worked during the Covid crash – see the evidence here.

How long do bear markets last? Use history as your guide …

Every market is different but we can use historical observations as a guide.

Since 1929, the average bear market has extended for 12 months – with the average decline being -29%. The current bear market is 9 months old and has fallen by -28% (using the S&P500 index).  See chart below.  On this basis we are close to the norm already – in duration and decline.

Bear in mind that averages are just that. This one might be longer and deeper, we don’t know. What we can say is this bear market is now reasonably mature.

This could be a good time to at least start to prepare for that elusive bottom. At least by earning solid income whilst waiting for it. Worth considering if you are overweight cash being burnt by inflation.

Income Whilst Waiting 

Here’s where i’m investing for solid income whilst awaiting a market recovery …

  • Options (earning 1-3% per month in income)
  • Dividend Stocks (5-8% pa on solid blue-chip companies)
  • Solid REITs with dividends of 4-10% pa
    (REITs = Real Estate Investment Trusts owning residential, commercial and care-related properties)

On our Investment Academy we cover how to invest in all the above.


Options provide income potential of 1-3% per month and the opportunity to buy stocks below current valuations.  Many of my students on the Investment Academy have been generating such returns even through recent market volatility.

As an options investor we can set our own preferred safety margin by choosing which stocks or ETFs to take an options position on.  And we can choose how far below current market value to set the strike price.   Unlike other asset classes, options allow the investor to set their own preferred trade-off position: a greater safety margin provides lower monthly income whilst a lower safety margin provides a higher monthly income.

High Dividend Stocks

Stocks yielding between 4-8% are within reach of the astute investor with solid, high-quality blue-chip companies with low debt and stable cash-flows.   Not to mention the capital gain potential when markets are back on the rise.

These high dividend stocks can be screened using free online tools such as Barchart or Finviz.  Investors should not only screen for high yields but also overlay “quality” filters such as solid balance sheets, low debt and stability of earnings.

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

I have just written a more detailed piece on REITs in this month’s Property Investor News magazine so obtain this month’s copy to learn more about REITs.

REITs are a blend between property and shares. They are a passive way to own property assets as traded shares.  Different REITs specialise focused sectors such as office, retail, industrial, storage, care homes, infrastructure and residential.

REITs have sold off this year in expectation of a deteriorating property market which will be impacted because of its sensitivity to the cost of debt.   As a group, REITs have sold off between 10-40% this year and they now trade at big discounts to NAV.  This could provide big opportunities to investors to take advantage of effectively below-market-value opportunities.

There are also some relatively recession-proof REITs out there – eg focused on care homes – yielding 6-7% pa.

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