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(if everyone knew this, the financial industry would be in trouble!)

On a recent webinar I hosted, the attendees were from all walks of life: Younger and older individuals, pension-trustees, property investors and business owners.  

We even had one or two professional investors like IFAs and investment bankers (you’d be surprised how few of them invest with common sense!). 

Regardless of experience, something everyone agreed on was how simple my investment message was.  

In fact, one of the professional investors later confessed to me that if everyone knew about this stuff, the investment industry would be in deep trouble !

What I explained in the webinar was not rocket science.  It’s far simpler …


Things like Set-and-Forget Investing rather than TradingPound-cost-Averaging, cutting wealth leakages like Fees and Taxes, and earning income via the markets. 

These are all easy to implement, proven investment principles that have worked forever to create lasting wealth.  For all types of investors.  

My Key Message

Don’t let the investment industry confuse you with jargon and complexity.  

This is just clever marketing designed to manage your money and grab more fees than you’d believe. 

We’re talking about wealth managers, advisers and even your work pension scheme – which may not be as benevolent (or effective) as you might think.

Trust me, anyone can do this themselves* and save £ tens, or £hundreds of thousands in fees over your lifetime.  

An exception being when you have more complex tax or planning needs.  Tax advisers and IFAs may serve a useful role here in helping you find solutions and strategies.  

Always Remember:

  • Time in the Markets always beats timing the markets
  • Stay Diversified 
  • Minimise those leakages:  Fees, Inflation, and Taxes
  • Financial Markets are a great source of recurring income  
  • ETFs, Balanced Funds and Options achieve all the above
  • Being educated helps you outperform 99% of the population


… to ensure your investments work for YOUR financial freedom (not someone else’s)     


And … 

For more guidance, our Investment Academy will help you implement all of this in a step-by-step way.   

Thousands of people have learnt how to diversify and pound-cost-average into low-cost, set-and-forget ETFs & Funds for inflation-beating growth.  And Options to create recurring income.

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Finally …

– Don’t take the above as advice as it may not apply to you personally

– Your Capital is at Risk

– You may not be covered by the FSCS

– Anything mentioned in a podcast or in a previous article was valid at that time and may not continue to be now          

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About Me

Manish Kataria is a Fund Manager. A CFA-qualified professional with 18 years’ experience in investment management and UK property. He has managed investment portfolios for JPMorgan and other blue chip investment houses. Asset classes managed include Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Funds and Options. Within property, he invests in and owns a range of assets including developments, HMOs, BTLs and serviced accommodation. InvestLikeAPro was set up so anyone can invest like a pro.

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