Set-&-Forget Investing in ETFs & Options – for Lasting Growth & Income …

Investment Academy – Invest Like A Pro


A Blueprint for Investors – simple step-by-step training to invest in the markets

Create your Low-Cost, Passive, Pro-grade Compounding Machine in 6 weeks  

Popular with property investors wanting to diversify their capital and earn inflation-beating returns.  For SSAS, SIPP, ISA and cash investors.

Dates: Tues 7th March – 4th April. Tuesdays 6-8pm.
Online Classrooms – Monday evenings


Why you should Attend?

  • Learn a step-by-step way to simply and passively invest your cash
  • We cover low-risk, balanced and adventurous portfolios – to suit your own risk profile
  • Learn strategies that benefit from incredible compounding to secure your long-term future
  • Discover ways to protect your portfolio from inflation – and beat it
  • Live demos on platforms and finding the right ETFs, REITs, Funds, Shares and Options
  • Professional-grade techniques to identify shares & ETFs with the best returns v risk
  • Options trading for regular monthly cashflow and income-generation
  • Bonus Module for Due Diligence on Secured Loans
  • You’ll understand how to identify and minimise hidden fees 
  • Save £thousands in fees – average saving £2,760 pa (or £56k compounded over 10 years)
  • Suitable for all levels of experience: less experienced or more (IFAs have previously attend)
  • You’ll come away a confident investor without needing a financial advisor – saving yourself £ thousands in fees
  • The programme provides all the knowledge and tools you’ll need for a lifetime of successful investing – exactly replicating the strategies used by Manish himself 
  • The full programme is delivered by professional fund manager, Manish Kataria CFA
  • Live Support and Guidance on your strategy throughout the programme
  • Access to private Facebook group for ongoing support

What attendees said …

“A game changer – quite possibly the best training I ever did … straightforward to implement and Manish supports you throughout”

“I was prompted to take action straight after session 1 …  This has totally changed how I make investments – i already have better performance and fee savings”

What you’ll learn:

– How to invest in: Shares, ETFs, Funds, Options … passively and with zero complexity

– How to minimise fees in low-cost ETFs

– How to select the best, cost-efficient platforms

– How to shelter your gains and dividends via tax-efficient wrappers such as ISAs, SIPPs and SSAS

– Investors come away fully equipped with all the professional-grade tools and tricks to succeed

– The inside track on how the pros invest and what they never do

– All training delivered by Manish Kataria himself

– Live weekly coaching sessions to cement your understanding and put it all into practice

– Full and regular Support from Manish throughout, to ensure you are taking action in the correct way


Module 1:    Your objectives and Investment Plan: Getting you to your goals.   Asset Class comparison; Diversification

Module 2:    Investment Platforms: comparing features & costs to minimise hidden fees.  Helping you open accounts with the best / most cost-efficient platforms

Module 3:    ETFs, REITs, Funds, Low-cost investing.  Core + Satellite Balanced Portfolios. Tax-efficient investing via SSAS, ISAs, SIPPs

Module 4:    Screening for shares.   Professional stock-selection techniques to identify investment opportunities.  Demos.

Module 5:    Analysing Companies – evaluating and comparing different shares

Module 6:    DD on Secured Loans; Selecting SECURE deals, identifying red flags to avoid unsafe deals

Module 7:    Options: to earn regular monthly income and buy shares BMV

Module 8:    Completing your portfolio.  Progress Review + personalised support from Manish

Live Weekly Coaching workshops to cement your knowledge and answer all questions   

Access to private Facebook group for ongoing support

When:   Monday evenings, Starts: 7th March (all sessions are recorded for catch-up)

Price:           £1,950 + vat

If you have a SSAS (or Ltd Company) it can normally pay for this training.  For SSAS, use your business or personal card to make the initial payment and then send a “recharge invoice” to your SSAS administrator for reimbursement.  We will send you a recharge invoice template at registration.

Comments from previous attendees …

“A great course which will save me a lot of money in fund manager fees going forward. I really like Manish’s presentation style, no shouty rah rah sales stuff.  Very clear, concise and has de-mystified the whole process of getting exposed to the stock market with low fees.  This will give me the confidence to manage my own investments – just what I was hoping to get from the course.”   Andrew Perry

“An excellent and very worthwhile course which I am glad I participated in”   Nick Bailey

“A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course.  I’ve learnt a massive amount since session one and now have the basics of a sound investment strategy.”  Tim Riley

“I really enjoyed the 8 weeks, thank you so much Manish.  I had only ever invested in single company shares where I worked (GSK), so I learnt a lot on the programme.”  Caroline Borg

“This was an excellent course and gave me two key cornerstones.  It clarified, corrected and enhanced my understanding of investment/equities and gave me the confidence to execute my objectives. Many thanks.”  Keith Oakes

“I really enjoyed the Options module which offers another source of diversification”  George Darmanin

Manish Kataria has configured this programme to help investors confidently invest in the markets using a very simple-to-follow, step-by-step programme.  The 6-week programme will cover stocks, different platforms, how to open accounts, options trading, selecting stocks, ETFs, funds etc.  All done tax-efficiently within your ISA, SSAS or SIPP.

Understanding the investment markets and how to get started investing. Learn how to:

• Evaluate your own risk appetite and create your investment objectives

• Decipher the terminology used

• Understand the different ways to invest within your time constraints

• Analyse the markets and the factors that influence them

• Invest more confidently with all the tools you need so you can select the right investments to hit your investment targets

• Access to all the professional-grade tools and tricks to invest effectively

• Select the right investments and which ones to avoid. In-depth due diligence training so you know what works and what doesn’t

• In depth learning of each asset class including stocks, ETFs, bonds, funds, commodities, options

• Minimise hidden fees contained in “premium” funds that don’t even perform well and result in NEGATIVE compounding

• Invest in tax efficient shelters so you will not pay unnecessary income or capital gains tax – ever.

• Decide the right investment strategy for you and your circumstances

• Understand the top 10 investment principles that are used by the pros that help them create and compound their wealth

• Create an account with an online platform

• All the knowledge and tools you need for a lifetime of successful investing

The programme will be interactive, with full support, and delivered to help you to share and learn together


Date/Times:  Tues 7th March – 4th April. Tuesdays 6-8pm. (all sessions recorded for catch-up)

Price:           £1.950 + vat

If you have a SSAS (or Ltd Company) it can usually pay for this training.  For SSAS, use your business or personal card to make the payment and then send a “recharge invoice” to your SSAS administrator for your SSAS to reimburse you. A recharge invoice template will be provided to you at registration.

Stockmarket Investment Academy … Step-by-Step Training to Diversify your Wealth and Create Passive Compounding in the Markets (click image below for details …)

About Me

Manish Kataria is a Fund Manager. A CFA-qualified professional with 18 years’ experience in investment management and UK property. He has managed investment portfolios for JPMorgan and other blue chip investment houses. Asset classes managed include Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Funds and Options. Within property, he invests in and owns a range of assets including developments, HMOs, BTLs and serviced accommodation. InvestLikeAPro was set up so anyone can invest like a pro.

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