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The election campaign has been pretty dull so far, but this week brought unexpected good news on pensions.

I’m surprised there wasn’t more excitement around this.  It will have a huge impact on many.

In summary, Rachel Reeves – our next Chancellor in 3 weeks – said Labour will not bring back the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) on Pensions.

The LTA (£1.07m) was abolished by Jeremy Hunt last year but, at that time, Labour said it would bring it back.  This week’s U-turn by Rachel Reeves means no limits on how much your pension can grow to without penalties.

I know pensions aren’t the most exciting topic.  So let me reframe it …

If you like the idea of free money from HMRC (£ tens/hundreds of thousands – here‘s how) … And for it to compound and cement your financial security – this week’s news is worth getting excited about!

EVEN if you think you are nowhere near the LTA of £1.07m, please don’t underestimate the power of compounding for your future.

The chart below shows how a pension can grow over just one or two decades.  Simply by passively sitting in global equities …

This represents actual growth of global equities (MSCI World Index, GBP) over the last 10 and 20 years.

Your capital would have TRIPLED over the last 10 years and 6X over the last 20 years.  Simply by being in global equities.  Passively and tax-free.   And now, without limits.

This combination of ‘free money’ from pension contributions + compounded growth in stocks is beyond any expectations for most people.

Make sure you understand this to passively build, secure and cement your financial security and independence.

Always Remember:

  • Time in the Markets always beats timing the markets
  • Stay Diversified 
  • Minimise those leakages:  Fees, Inflation, and Taxes
  • Financial Markets are a great source of recurring income  
  • ETFs, Balanced Funds and Options achieve all the above
  • Being educated helps you outperform 99% of the population


… to ensure your investments work for YOUR financial freedom (not someone else’s)     

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Finally …

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