Set-&-Forget Investing in ETFs & Options – for Lasting Growth & Income …

Stuart Warwick

“It’s an excellent course. Manish’s style is beautifully paced so you get a chance to learn, ask what you think are silly questions safely and gain confidence to start investing. Great for beginners and intermediate experience investors.”

George Darmanin

“I really enjoyed the Options module which offers another source of diversification”

Chantal Newham

“I did the course and found it useful. It was nice going through the course materials at my own pace then having the opportunity to ask questions. I also benefitted from being in the Facebook group and sharing experience with others, saving me money. There were...

Neil Munday

“I have just finished the programme and thought it was amazing! I did it also to diversify, but with my SSAS specifically. The Core and Satellite strategy that he teaches for ETFs is fantastic. Well worth it!”

Lee Haury

“Just a quick email to say thank you for the course .. it’s been challenging and enjoyable working through the coursework and then attending weekly meetings. You made a very complex, dry and difficult topic very interesting and summarised the salient...